You probably have a Facebook account and you may have even started a Facebook Page for your business. But now that you have one – do you know how to use it to promote your business?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Engage Your Audience

Offer special Facebook Community discounts and make sure that you advertise this frequently and in as many places as you can. Encourage customers to check your Facebook Page often for new offers or promotions. You know they love a good deal!

Use your Facebook page to let your customers get to know you, as well as your business. Certainly you want to keep it business appropriate – but you can use personal experiences, photos and humor to engage your customers and let them get to know a bit about you. Sharing inspiring images or thoughts can be a good way to engage your readers.

Make it a habit to check your Facebook page frequently and respond to comments or questions right away. When customers can see that you make the effort to respond quickly to their questions or comments you’ll build trust and engagement with both potential and long standing clients.

  • Use lots of great images to show off your business and engage potential and current customers.
  • Adding personal touches to your posts can help to differentiate you from other similar small businesses in your area
  • Have fun with it while remembering to keep it professional.

Use Your Facebook Page for Comments from Blog Posts

I know - I am tired of deleting, blocking and dealing with all of the spam comments on my blog too, but I don’t want to lose the engagement with legitimate commenters either. Using your Facebook Page for comments instead is a great idea that I saw recommended recently.

You can add a link to discuss your blog post on your Facebook page at the end of your post. Point the link to a post you’ve added to your Facebook Page about that blog Post. This has the added benefit of encouraging more people to engage with your Facebook Page and those seeing just your Facebook Page, to click through to you blog. Win-win!

Encourage Customer Feedback

Facebook can be a great place to gain insight to new services or products that your customers want. You can ask for feedback on simple questions, or try out the new Polls For Facebook app. It’s free and simple to use.

Facebook Poll App

Facebook Poll App